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Founded in 1994 by Marc Coussement, EDASOL is specialized in hardware and software design mainly for embedded design. Thanks to 35 year of in-house engineering experience EDASOL offers a real professional service in engineering. Through combined tailor made hard- and software, controllers can be completely made to your satisfaction and give your products its extra value.


Main expertise

 Micro processors 8/16/32 bit

 industrial PCB design

 Design of trough quality embedded software

 Windows CE based designs

 Trough real time applications


Application expertise

 Development on dosage controllers and weighing systems for Bakery automation

 High end industrial controllers

 Domestic light controllers

Specialized in combining proven technology into a disruptive business concept by design.
Highly successful in product development from concept 2 project 2 business.
Based on years of experience in technical engineering and project management. 
Recognized specialist in conceptual design of high-impact and innovative products.
Working from a deep understanding of competitive business strategies and with proven and up-to-date technologies.

Felix Timmermansstraat 12

B-8510 Marke


To contact us:

Phone: +32-(0)475-448458

Fax: +32-(0)56-802029

E-mail: info@edasol.be